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PNP moving to another province - anyone who did?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by gdp79, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Has anybody tried/did move to another province from the province that nominated them?

    If so, did you had issues from the IRCC, when paying taxes, renewing PR Card and becoming citizen?

    Met someone who just landed, looked for jobs that are directly/related to the NOC she was nominated by SINP. She has been doing this for three weeks (with resume/specific cover letters) but no reply partly because the firms related to her NOC don't have a job opening.

    And I read in some of the threads here that some PNP PRs were revoked because of moving to another province (even with this "Charter of Rights" thing).
  2. It all depends on whether misrepresentation has occurred. When an applicant attempts to gain PR via PNP but demonstrably has no intention to settle in the nominating province, then misrepresentation can be implied. Charter rights are not going to cover deliberate immigration fraud.

    Frankly, three weeks is nothing... Try three to six months before considering alternatives.
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  3. Thanks Zardoz. No deliberate fraud here . Guess she will have to work her way for six months...
  4. It's hard to get established but the province will expect their investment to be honoured. Good luck to her.
  5. Ok
    1. 3 weeks for most 0, A, B NOC is way not enough to find job.
    2. Searching just according to her NOC is way too restrictive. One should search for job that one is capable to do (some are similar and some are bundled jobs). it is also good idea to lower your expectation and search for more junior positions in the beginning.
    3. Being nominated because of certain NOC means no obligation to work in that NOC, so even survival jobs at the beginning are good enough

    4. Leaving province right after being nominated and landed (or within few weeks) is a grey area. Despite that any case what province has stepped up to scrutinize person for leaving it are rare, it is always considered a good idea to try to establish yourself in that province first and to have proves for that. And only after some effort (3-6 months) relocate to a different province. That is just a prudency advised.
  6. Hi Vensak,

    Just an update. She's is in the same situation...

    In case she does move in three months time... will there be issues if she renews a PR Card, Files taxes, applies for citizenship and sponsors whoever?
  7. No as long as she can prove that she gave a good attempt at relocating to the province she will be fine. She should keep proof of all the jobs she applied for and records of her housing in that province. For skilled jobs it does often take multiple months to get a job. The higher up the longer it can take. Finding a job within a month is often not realistic.
  8. I’ve read of one case where a person who got PR through Manitoba PNP got her PR revoked when she sponsored her husband. She moved to Toronto after 6 months in Manitoba. She looked for jobs she liked only. This was many years ago though.
  9. Thanks Jddd. Will look to that on the MPNP.

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