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PNP Delayed Applications - Sept 2015 to Feb 2016 (over 16 months)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nuksyed, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Hi all:

    I just wanted to start a new thread for the applicants that have been waiting for over 16 months now. In other threads, our questions get buried but we can discuss with people in similar situations here.

    To start off here is my info:
    Applied: Feb 10, 2016
    Latest activity: BG in progress, May 22, 2017
    Citizenship: Pakistan.

    Please share your info as well and let us know if you have found a way to successfully get out of this delay. CIC doesn't even have the man power to pick up my phone call, they are too busy.
  2. Thank you for creating this forum. I am Dec 2015 applicant. Still in security check process. Passed everything else.
  3. Thanks for this thread. I am Dec 2017 applicant still waiting for PR.
  4. Hi there, How do u know ur security is in process.. I mean to say is there anyway we can know bout it?? Also if u ordered gcms wat is ur secuirity portion showing?

  5. I am with you guys

    Application received 14 Sep 2015
    AOR 3 December 2015
    Medical request 22 January 2016
    Medical Extended one more year until 13 December 2017
    Still waiting and on my 22nd months
    Last response from them was last Thursday
    Your application is currently in the final processing queue awaiting finalization. Please note that nothing further is required from you at this time. Regrettably, we are unable to provide you with a timeframe, but rest assured we are doing what we can to process your application in a timely fashion.

    So frustrated and sad :(:(:(
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  6. U r single applicant or with spouse?
  7. With spouse and two children
  8. Anna did you mean Dec 2015 ?
  9. Hello,

    When i call, that's what they tell me. Security screening. When MP's office followed up, same response. GCM notes show PS and no under security it shows pending.
  10. CIC received my file On Nov 09, 2015
    PV2 Offr Rev last activity
    Criminal check pass for me and in process for my wife. Security have not started for both of us
    Expecting GCMS tommorow form CIC
    Also applied GCMS from CSIS
  11. Could u plz tell ur nationality? If u don't hv any prblm
  12. Th
    Thank you.. I cud see everything passed too.. And secuirity white out with S 15 (1) in the corner.. Not sure what is going on.. Expecting another gcms by the end of this month.. Lets see..
  13. I think you guys should apply GCMS from CSIS because they will white out anything from CSIS in CIC GCMS notes;
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    From Egypt, but why you are asking?
  15. I have a feeling certain nationalities are being affected more than others..
    I have no updates. And I cannot reach call center. the lines are all busy..
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