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PNP Alberta, Employer-Driven Stream VS Strategic Recruitment Stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SF83, May 11, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    is anybody here who was in this situation or has some more info about the advantages of the two streams?

    Me: Mechanical Engineer, NOC A. I work for an employer with a IEC-YP-Visa which is value till April 2019.
    The PNP in AB would bring me 600 out of 1200 points for the PR.

    Now the question is: shall I apply without employer in the strategic recruitment stream or in the employer driven stream?


    The advantages of the strategic recruitment stream are that
    - I don't need to add all the information about my employer
    - There is a special category for engineers
    - There are way less people on the pool right now, less than 40 compared to more than 1600 with the employer driven stream! (see the pics)

    Does anybody know the advantages of the Employer-Driven Stream? So far i cannot find a single one...or am I wrong?

  2. Apply through SRS-Engineering category cos you will be nominated within two months. If you apply through EDS, you could be nominated after 10 months
  3. You should apply under AINP - SRS because there is no employer support under this stream and if you somehow lost your job, your PR and AINP won't be affected unlike the AINP - EDS stream which is based on employer support and you will have to keep your job until your land as PR.
  4. This is how I understood it, Yes
    Thanks guys, I will finish my application for the SRS today

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