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Sep 20, 2018
Dear sir,
I am from india, i got the job offer letter,LMIA copy,canada citizen ship immigration letter from ATCO GROUP OF CANADA in email.Under my HR Dr.Mr.JAK LAURENCE canada guidance i need to follow Dr.Mr.Mark tyler canadian Lawer in india helping to get Work permit visa for four year.so i started this process two weeks before
now i completed police verification certificate process which i spent nearly
24580 cad dollar. As per agreement which made by company that what all i spent for this travel that will refund within 7days after reache the canada
Job location.now i am waiting for visa stamping process call from chennai immigration office.and i have LMIA DOC offer letter copy and canada citizen ship imigration letter and visa file submission no.if you want all the information i will send it thru your email id.now i am getting doubt on my process because Mr mark not lifting the phone please help me sir
If you want more detail about my
LIMA number 9774918 could you please me how to track my visa application .i got the reciept for all my transaction
Everything what i have did is in mail only
Please help me how to know my work permit visa status
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Mar 22, 2016
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