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Please help me guys

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Muhammad khalil, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Hello guys
    I hope you'll be fine
    My name is Muhammad Khalil and I am from Saudi Arabia
    Actually, I want to go to a tourist visa in Canada
    For a month
    But I do not have a bank statement
    I work in a car company in Saudi Arabia
    And my salary is 3500 Saudi Rial
    I also have a company's leave letter
    For a month
    And my travel history is also 3 times Bahrain and once Dubai have gone for tourism
    My question is whether I can show the bank statement of my sister's husband in Canadian MBC
    If I prove that this is really my family member and sppourt me
    Please if brother guides me
    Greetings will be on me
  2. Hi

    You need to be able to show your own finances. If you don't have a bank account of your own, you have pretty much zero chance of approval.
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  3. Also note that asking for a month will pretty much guarantee a refusal as well.
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  4. There is no solution ?
  5. TRV’s for Canada can be notoriously difficult to get. It’s critical to show that you have your own finances to support the trip, strong ties to your home country, good travel history and viable reasons to visit.

    IMO, there are a few things that are going to work against you, based on what you have provided. You’ll need:
    1. A bank account for probably 6 months before you apply
    2. Travel history to visa required countries.
    3. Documentation showing strong ties to your home country (property, professionals/personal commitments, family ties, etc
    4. Short visit duration (2, maybe 3 weeks) with an detailed daily itinerary
    5. An invitation letter from you family in Canada.
    Be prepared for a potentially difficult task. This forum is a great resource....ask questions if you have any doubts or don’t understand the application. Most of all, never falsify information.
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  6. Ok brother thank you for your response
  7. Some key questions that will be assessed by the visa officer:
    1. Why do you want to visit Canada as a tourist? You don't have a history of visiting Europe/other visa-required countries for sightseeing.

    2. What passport do you hold? Is your home country politically stable?

    3. Do you personally have the finances to afford this visit? Your sister's husband's finances are secondary. Your personal finances are more important (without borrowing from anyone, of course)
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  8. Hmm ok brother
    Thank you for your response
  9. Ok brother
    Thank you for response
  10. Not always “brother” for future reference.
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  11. Thanks again
    God bless you brother
    I am very upset
    I am a student in Saudi Arabia and I
    I also work in a company
    My salary is also good
    But I do not have a bank account
    Now there can not be a new account in the bank
    Because whatever students here, they can not open the account in the bank

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