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Please help! Confused on this


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Feb 3, 2015
:'(I am an IT professional in my home country (PH) with over 5yrs exp.

I currently have a job and will resign soon, because I will be traveling to canada as a tourist.

I will not look for a job there, but will visit to enjoy the scenery and tourist spots.

My questions are the ff.

1. Should I create an Express Entry profile already?

2. Can I apply for jobs online (LinkedIn, monster etc.)?

3. What is the whole process for applying express entry? I read lots of threads here and I am really confused about the process.
Here's what my understanding and please try to correct me. please :)
- I will create an Express Entry profile
- I will submit CV/profile to the Job Bank
- if a company wants me, then I now have a job offer (this will be an additional pts)
- if I have enough pts, then I will be included in the raffle
- if I was picked in the raffle, I can now proceed to apply for the immigration (PR)

is this correct?

Please help.

Btw, I have a wife and I want to take her with me :)