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Discussion in 'International Students' started by unaid, Dec 7, 2017.

    i got refusal letter yesterdau and they banned me for 5 years . Cz i unintentionally write the answer No in that question that have yoi ever refuses from any other country? Mistakenly i ticked No
    They sent me the procedural reference letter for the sake to describe if there is something
    I provide them the correct information by mail. And after 25 days they send the decision in way to refuse. I told my (UNIVERSITY CANADA WEST) university advisor about that decision, As i told they rejected me and they told me that in that case they donot refund the fees which i have sent them for all the semester. Is there any rule like that ???
    PLEASE Help!
  2. Check the refund policy of the university on their website
  3. yes i read it, but as embassy have sent me the procedural reference letter for the explanation and i provide them the correct information that it happened unintentionally. but after all they banned me.
    what is the solution now?
  4. As explained, you were refused for misrepresentation and the school doesn't refund fees when people are refused for misrepresentation.

    It doesn't matter whether it was intentional or not - it's still misrepresentation since it is your obligation to ensure all of the information in the application is accurate.
  5. Can i claim my fees on the base of the mail which i sent embassy befor 25 days that this mistake .... bla bla ???? As it is before the decision.
  6. No - you need to provide the refusal letter from CIC.

    Again, doesn't matter that it was a mistake.
  7. And any solution ?????
    As i am so depressed....
  8. so sad bro but don't be stressed just ask for any lawyer, that may help you. god bless you.
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  9. Refusal letter on the very first page he write you can reapply if you can demonstrate the ties in your contries .

    Explanation pages
    ×:On 2nd page
    it is written that i am not satisfy you ll leave canada after completion of your study here.
    X:eek:n the 3rd page
    it is written that other reason:
    You did not answer truthfully to the question regarding past visa application refusals. This could have induced a misapplication of IRPA. You are inadmissible amd not eligible to apply for a canadian visa for 5 years.
    ×:On page 4:
    You are a member of an inadmissible class of persons described in the immigration and refugee protection act, as a result, you are admissible to Canada pursuant to the following sections
    Section 40 (1)(a): For directly or indirectly misrepresenting or withholding material facts relating to a relevant matter that includes or could induce an error in the administration of this act;
    This is all written...
  10. U r not able tp apply for 5 years and u will not be able to visit also there is a complete ban for you brother
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  11. Could you please mention me there, if here is any law forum.
  12. On which form did you ticked by mistake?
  13. There is no requirement for them to provide a refund, particularly in your case where the refund policy specifically mentions "No refunds in the case of misrepresentation". You are certainly free to engage a lawyer, but ultimately I suspect you would be spending the same amount as your tuition only to end up with nothing.


    A deposit is usually a lump sum of money required to reserve or hold a product or service. Whether it's a deposit on a vehicle, a hall rental, a grad outfit or for a photographer's service, be sure that you want the product or service. If you change your mind, you are not, by law, entitled to get your money back. Be sure to ask what the conditions are before you put down a deposit, and only put down the minimum amount required.
  14. Unfortunately for you, the no refund policy is there in black and white, so you really have no leg to stand on. Mistake or not it's the applicants responsibility to make sure ALL facts are true on form before sending it. I was refused a study permit once because of a mistake by the college, but when I applied again I stated that on the form. I don't think a lawyer can do anything for you.

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