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Planning to apply BC PNP for my express entry


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Feb 3, 2015

I will still take my ielts and ecas next month (july 2015) so i can create my ee profile. I took my assessment and my points is just around 310.

I am planning to apply to BC PNP for additional pts but in their site it says that its temporarily halted. But there is a note below that theyre still accepting applications for BC PNP express entry for skilled workers. whats the difference between the two?

Does it mean that I can apply for BC PNP when I completed my EE profile?

Does the job offer need to be an LMIA? Or its just a normal job offer from an employer in BC?

I am in BC now as a visitor and will leave this month, should I apply online and look for work? :'(


Jan 18, 2016
I recently started my Express Entry with a qualifying skilled job . However my employer doesn't offer LMIA's ..
How did PNP go for you ? I only managed 275 Points in my profile ..