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Phone interview for Manitoba PNP under General steam

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by lucky96, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I applied for Manitoba PNP under general steam on jan,2012 from India. and I haven't received anything from immigration. when i will get some thing from immigration? and I am too much worried about interview. could anyone help me to Answer regarding interview .....

    Q. What kind of interview will be held? face to face or phone call?
    Q. when they interview me?
    Q. What kind of question immigration gona ask me?
    Q. Will immigration interview my sponsors as well ?
    Q. Which language will be use in interview, English or my own language?
  3. Hello lucky96! I was nominated under general stream and was interviewed, that's why I want to share this. I consolidated these info(from other sources too and based from personal queries) for your reference, some are based from my own experience.
    Here are some possible QUESTIONS for the sponsors/applicant when the MPNP Program officer conducts an interview:
    A. How and when did you meet each other? What is the real name of the applicant/sponsor? (nicknames too)
    B. How long did you know each other or what is your relationship with your sponsor?
    C. When was the last time you talked to your Sponsor/ Applicant or have a communication with them?
    D. When was the last time you saw your Sponsor/ Applicant?
    E. Is your sponsors related to each other? What can you say about your sponsor A? Sponsor B?
    F. What is his/her current work, current position? Current addresses?
    G. How about their family composition regarding the sponsor/applicant, civil status?
    H. What is the name of their parents (in my case sponsors are siblings).
    I. Are you sure you will not transfer to other province once given a Letter of Approval?
    J. Are you aware of the consequences to you and your Sponsors once you leave or didn't settle at all in Manitoba?
    K. Is your sponsor willing to help you in your settlement plan to Manitoba?
    L. What are the possible things that your sponsor can offer or help you when you arrive?
    M. What do you know about Manitoba? (If you can state some facts regarding weather, environment or maybe events/holidays )
    N. How long you want to stay in Manitoba?
    O. Do you have relatives/friends in other province aside from Manitoba?
    P. Do you think you can easily find a job in Manitoba and why? What are the websites you are using to find available jobs in MB? Can you site some companies that you remember?

    Just a friendly reminder, just tell the truth, no need to lie, if you don't know the answer just say so. Stay calm and don't panic, please answer in a polite manner as they have a habit of going back and forth on the same questions. Goodluck!!!
  4. Thanks For Sharing
    dear And Have You Received Your LOA Yet
  5. Thanks sset12 for the questions....

    Lucky96 and gat if you have applied in 2012 for MPNP kindly share your exp and timelines under MPNP Application 2012 thread as well.

  6. hi guys

    i got file no on 5 jun
  7. Dear Seniors, if anybody have idea on my queries, Please reply urgently.

    I am applying for Manitoba MPNP program and filling EOI, Facing below queries,
    1) My exp falls under two NOC in last 5 years(Previous: 3.5 years and Current:1.5 years), How can i apply for two NOC to get points(Points: 75) for 5 years of exp?
    2) what should i answer for ''WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION'', 3.5 years or 1.5 years.
    3)How many full time of exp do you have in in last five years'', Is it related to occupation or total? because it is not mentioned about related to occupation? should i put 5 years?

    Plz advise.
  8. @ lucky

    something is very wrong somewhere, U applied since 2012, 4 years ago, under MPNP, see lucky i will want u to forget about interview, there is sometin wrong with ur application

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