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Phone and laptop

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RISHIFERRARI20, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. So, I purchased a new phone and laptop in India and immediately regretted not checking if they will work in Canada. The phone is a Nokia 6.1 plus and laptop is Avita Liber 14" notebook. The power adapter for both of them says 100-240V 50/60HZ. I know Canada uses 120V @ 60HZ. Apart from the fact that I will need to use an adapter for the plug, should I be worried about anything else?

    Also, will the phone work for Canadian carrier frequencies? and will the laptop accept Wifi/bluetooth signals in Canada?
  2. Laptop shouldn’t be a problem. And you can generally just swap the outlet to transformer cord. The phone will charge, but whether it works in Canada, I can’t say. I have purchased phones in Asia that were available in N. America and never had a problem as long as the brand had other models available in the market. The Nokia 6.1 is available in Canada, so my guess is you’ll be fine. But that is a guess.
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  3. Everything other than phone 3g/4g should be fine.

    Forlaptop you would need a pin adapter.

    Forphone first check on a website to see if it can use bands used in Canada. A website like gsmarena could help in finding this out. Further your phone documentation or help menu will have details on what all bands your phone specifically supports.

    As someone said above if your phone is available in Canada, that is a good sign. But I would definitely make sure that your phone is not a specific variant to your region
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  4. Phone will work fine but thr are more call drops if you are using Asian phones.

    Better to buy phones here, they are cheap with plans.
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