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Pharmacist : 3131

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by mayankpandya, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Dear All Pharmacist,

    It my request to all those who have allready applied under NOC 3131 & who are planning to apply under 3131 to get Together at this thread to share & help each other .

    Please share & lift this thread.


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  2. We applied under NOC 3131, with my wife as principal applicant, 4 years of industrial pharmacist experience.

    Application received 30 Aug 2010 and cashed 15 Sep 2010, now that post-June-26 have started getting AORs we are hopeful of getting one before Christmas.

  3. Hi Cappuccino,

    Thanks for support my inititative of Gathering all 3131 applicant at one space. As you are allready maintianing file of applicant. Is it possible for you to make special sheet of 3131 applicant ? What do you think on it ?

    Please let me know.


  4. me and my bhabhi have applied under the sme category and the DHL service shows status of our application as recieved can anybody tell me how to know if the demand drafts have been encashed or not??and how can i eneter myself in the spreadsheet.
  5. 1.You can check your draft status from the bank that issued ur draft.
    2.U may visit the thread which connect people after 26/6 to update your profile in the spreadsheet.

  6. Happy to see that All pharmacist are gathering at one location .

    Dear Cappuicaiono,

    Request to you to make special Spread sheet for 3131 .


  7. Good effort buddy.........
  8. Thanks alot for reply, do i need to go to that bank or they can tell me on phone if i tell them my dd reciept no ??
    Is there any other way to know the status of our applications?
  9. i would like to join you guys
    i have applied under same NOC, medical received and send in september 2010,PRPF send in sept 2010, waiting for reply now

  10. Hey Dear fellow pharmacists

    Very happy to join you here.

    I sent my dox on Nov. 15 and thank god I finally got them back by the courier today cause some items were missing. I will reapply the day after tomorrow that would be Nov. 30. Then I'll track the consignment and let u know of the date it will be received by the CIO.I will be busy tomorrow checking and double checking my dox, putting them in order, and hopefully sending them out the day after.

    Please keep me updated of any new change. I'll appreciate it.

    Good Luck everybody! ;)
  11. So now we will have our own thread

    I also applied under 3131 and waiting for AOR
    Hope we all hear good news you should in the coming days sagebrush so hopefully we will hear something good about ur AOR Solomon

  12. Hi Dipak,

    Good Luck to you for next step "VISA STAMPED".

    May i know what you have done " B. Pharmacy or Diploma in Pharmacy ? "

    Is it possible for you to share about you Job ?

    Please let me know.,



  13. Hi Katyspring,

    Please share what was missing in your application if possible,



  14. Deal all,

    It is my request to Cappiciano or other member who can make special spread sheet for 3131 applicant . Is there any one who can do it ?

    Please ....let me know.


  15. ok i 've done one like the one we have for post 26 and i need to give some body the authority to add the people so
    i think i will add wayen and you mayankpandya so if you have gmail account send to me and i will add you ok

    this is the link

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