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PGWP and my OWP extension.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Mann9596, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My wife’s was graduated for ECE program in October 27 2019 and her study permit and my OWP will be expired on 31 December 2019. We want to apply for her PGWP and my OWP extension.

    I have line cook job and offer letter, payslip (NOC B).

    But the problem is it's tough and little bit short time period to get her job and pay slip in between November.I heard that if we couldn't be able show her full time job offer letter along with pay slip then I will get the rejection for my extension of OWP.

    Now for this situation what will be good to get both approval?

    should I need to apply for Visitor visa instead of OWP as long as she won't get any job offer letter and pay slip?

    should we apply together or seperately if I'm gonna apply for Visitor for now before December ?

    Thanks a lot and I'm looking forward to hear from you guys.
  2. She should apply for her PGWP as soon as she can. If she doesn't have a skilled job and 3 payslips near the end of December, then you will need to apply to change your status to visitor.

  3. Thank you

    Thank you for help.
  4. Just
    In case it wasn’t clear you will have to stop working when your switch to visitor status. Many daycares close for all of or part of the holiday vacation period which may delay hiring.

  5. Thank you.

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