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PGP - Integration after they arrive

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by bdidol, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. This is the thread to share information for all successful Parents and grandparents who landed (or going to land in the near future) through PGP Program.

    - Please do not ask questions about the PGP process. There are separate threads for that.
    - The purpose of this thread is to discuss the issues related to their Health Card, Medical Insurance, Bank accounts, Education & work scopes, Getting Govt ID or Driving license, religious and social needs and overall any integration issues.
    - Please be respectful to others and keep the discussion on the topic.
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  2. For ON, what is the process to get their OHIP card?
  3. You go to service Ontario with proof of your landing date and other documentation that is required (consult the website). Many are not aware that there are residency requirements just for healthcare. Even with a valid OHIP card you may not qualify to receive medical services. If your parents are not permanently settling in Canada they may not qualify for OHIP until a later date. After the 3 month wait time they will be able to access medical care. Finding a family doctor can be difficult. Once you find a GP taking on new patients you should make an intake appointment once your parents have valid OHIP cards and coverage.


    Who qualifies
    To qualify for OHIP, you must meet all of the minimum qualifications listed below plus at least oneof the additional requirements.

    To meet the minimum qualifications you must:

    • be physically in Ontario for 153 days in any 12‑month period
    • be physically in Ontario for at least 153 days of the first 183 days immediately after you began living in the province
    • make Ontario your primary home
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  4. Q 1. Can they apply immediately and then wait for 153 days for the card to arrive?
    Q 2. How they can prove the residency?
  5. They can apply once they have proof of residency. They may not have that immediately. You can apply at any time during the first 3 months and the start date will be the same. That is why proof of your landing date is important. The card will arrive during the first 3 months and coverage will start after 3 months not 153 days. Your parents should only apply if they are going to meet all the residency obligations. For example they must remain in Ontario for 5 out of the next 6 months. Some parents may have travel plans or they may not be settling permanently until later.
  6. Anyone did a life insurance for their parents? Any advice about the experience?
  7. If they are of advanced age it doesn’t make sense to get life insurance in them. The premiums will likely be very high.
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  8. How to cover for funeral and repatriation cost? Life insurance, even a term might make life easier.
  9. You will have to look at the terms. Insurance companies are in it to make money so premiums are likely to be extremely high. Would prices out repatriation and a funeral. Would also look at the fine print to see whether repatriation would be covered if they have been living permanently in Canada as a PR or (dual) citizen.
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  10. Anyone tried or plan to put them in any English Language courses?
  11. Good idea...some community center and library programs would be great for parents.
  12. That's my plan. Register my MIL in some ESL classes and there is a community centre near our home. So I will look for some programs there as well. I may introduce her to some neigbhours that are retired so may be they can do some activities together during the day.
    I will likely ask her to join me in some local volunteering events. :)
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  13. Hi all I am very happy I came across this thread. Any experience about parents landing in Saskatchewan and getting coverage for prescription drugs from drug plan she is 55 yrs old
  14. No coverage until 65. At 65 you still have a deductible but it is minimal. You can see if they qualify for prescription assistance program if Rx expenses are a large portion of income but sponsoring parents may disqualify you from that program. Your parents can seek employment and try to find a job with extended healthcare benefits. These are things people must price out before considering whether their income will be sufficient to support their parents.
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  15. Hi canuck78
    Thanks for your input. I would like to know how saskhealth rx drug coverage works. As far as i know the coverage is based on income. If you are a permanent resident with a health card you are eligible for rx drug coverage if you have no income. This is not related to any social services or other financial incentives for low income groups. I went through all pages of saskhealth for rx coverage & they never mentioned about non-coverage for permanent residents of canada through sponsorship. please provide a link if other wise
    Thanks for your suggestions in advance

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