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PG diploma course in Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by AM2807, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am B.E in Electronics and telecommunications and have work expirience of two years in an IT company.I am planning to go for PG diploma course in Canada.which courses and universities/colleges should I look for?also,will these PG diploma corse fetch me a good job?

    Also,what is the difference between post graduate certificate and post graduate diploma?

    please please help me out...
  2. Why are you not applying for Univ ?
    I am having same profile as yours and I am also looking for next year intake
  3. Re: PG diploma course in Canada...experts please help!!! Tiger sir please help

    Hi mayank,

    I have heard that universities are a better choice for pg diploma courses,as universities majorly offer masters and also employers in universities mostly prefer ms students,whereas pg diplomas,then make up the second tier......also there is some issue with visa lso....thse guys do not give visas for pursuing diploma courses in univ.also colleges are cheaper.
  4. Here we go :

  5. ya mayank i just read the conversation with tiger sir......so what are your plans
  6. Right now, Thinking for Masters only .

    Initially I got convinced for 1 year PG Diploma in IT after attending Education fair but now would like 2 go for 2 year Program and hardly any colleges offer 2 year of PG in IT .. The one which exist do not provide Course modules to my interest.

    The only concern for me is Budget Constraint and + Non -Relevant Back ground i.e Electronics for pursuing Masters in IT on the basis of Work Ex...Not sure whether Univ would accept.
  7. hey mayank,,,what are the job oppurtunities like in canada...
    i read one of the posts here regrding finding a job in canada...and i am kinda scared now...

    you have friends thr???do you have whats its like in there??
  8. I dont have ne1..

    Its actUally a mixed scenario there being CN a gud economy.

    Job depends on on ur course selection, province, grades etc but I would suggest that if u r spending money then go fo quality programs and I am not very much convinced for PG diploma courses from community colleges.
  9. hi Am and mayank.....
    me too hv the same background...electronics and comm....m also searching fr PG diploma or MS in canada.....plz u ppl share ur profile....imeans ielts bands
  10. armeen,

    i have not given ielts yet!!!..what are you planning for
  11. my visa got rejected bcoz of course irrelevancy.....so i will nxt time..jan intake
  12. what is your profile..can you share
  13. 10th -86%
    12th - 82%
    B.Tech - 74% electronics
    IT Work ex - 2 years in SAP QA
    IELTS - yet to give
    Want to pursue MAsters or 2 year PG in IT/CS but I could nt find any 2 year PG program with required course modules
  14. N 1 mr thing -
    I am concerned dat whether univ wil acept My application as there should be relevant background to pursue even course based Masters in CS/IT... i.e. ideally graduation should be in IT related stream bt lets see as I have work ex as well...

    We have to contact each univ dept to clarify and lets update each other also whatever exact reponse we get.

    Also mention the CS related subjects in ur query mail which u hv learnt In ur graduation with Electronics like microprocessor, data structure, networking etc So that they atleast give the tentative idea like whether we r good to apply n let them assess our application in detail or not otherwise its just wastage og application fees.

    Experts here saying that it might be posible that they offer some Pre-master computer subjects before diving in the main program . This We need to get clarified also .
  15. thanks mayank....

    i am kind of keen towards business side of courses not IT/CS..

    but lets see...

    whatever i can search and come to knw i will let you knw

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