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Permanent Residence Status

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sjithender, May 4, 2018.

  1. Team,

    Need an input from all. My husband and I had a PR in Canada back in 2006. We lived in Canada a little less than 2 years. We had to come back to India due to family reasons - in laws weren't keeping well. Post that, I had a medical emergency (miscarriage of my first child) followed by delivering my son.

    We then had to stay back for support system and started working here. Now, we are ready to move back to Canada with our 8 year old. Is there a way we can renew our old PR? and if yes, what about my son? I have also written my IELTS : L8; S8; R7.5; W6.5.

    I am falling short of .5 for in writing and that is bringing my CRS down to 363.

    Please suggest best option. Thanks in advance.
  2. Given you've been outside of Canada for 12 years, there's really very little chance of saving your PR status.

    Applying for a PR Travel Document under H&C is pretty much guaranteed to fail given how long you have been away.

    The only option that has some small chance of working to save your PR status would be to fly to the US and then to try to re-enter Canada by land using a private vehicle. Chance are high you will be reported at the border for failing to meet the residency requirement in which case you'll be called to a hearing, can expect to officially lose your PR status and will then have to leave Canada. On the very small chance you manage to enter Canada without being reported, you would then need to live in Canada for two years straight without leaving before you can renew your PR status. Then there's the issue of your son. You wouldn't be able to sponsor him for PR until you have lived in Canada for two years and there's a very high chance a TRV for him would be refused. So you would most likely have to be separated as a family for 2+ years (with either one or both parents going to Canada) to try to save your PR status.

    The most realistic option is to officially renounce your PR status and then work to increase your CRS score so that you can apply again from scratch.
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  3. Hi Team,
    I have got my ITA and will be uploading my application next week , in the mean time due to business emergency i have applied for B1 visa ,an got appointment for vsa on june 8th , should i mention that in LOE .Will it affect my application

    Arun francis
  4. Hi Team,

    I got my PR in Nov 2010 and it expired in Nov 2015. I have been in Canada just for the entry formalities in 2010 for 2 weeks and have been working in India till date. Is there a chance I can renew my permanent residence. At the time I applied in 2010 I had one daughter who got the PR. My second daughter was born in 2011 and is there a way I can apply for her also.

  5. Unlikely. You haven't been in Canada for almost 10 years. Like the OP you could try your luck entering at the US border. Your 2nd child would need to get a TRV to enter so your family will likely end up be separated in one form or another for 2 + years. You'd then have to sponsor your child which would tale 5-10 months. If you are extremely lucky and your 2nd chils is able to enter Canada they most likely won't have health coverage (depends on province) and your child may have to pay international fees. Your best option would be to renounce and apply again if your qualify.

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