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Permanent Residence revoke conditions

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by jagjeetjassi, Aug 23, 2019.

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    I have a question that if someone come as PR residence on marriage base and after 3.5 months he do-not want to continue his marriage because of personal issues but one partner threatening other to revoke the PR status.

    What can he done.
  2. A spouse cannot unilaterally revoke PR status.

    However, if a spouse complains to IRCC that it was a fake marriage (two months?? that's not sounding good), and IRCC decides to investigate, then yes, PR can be removed if they decide the marriage was fake. Once the complaint is made, the spouse will not be kept informed of the investigation.

    In fact, anyone can complain to CBSA/IRCC - your neighbor can complain, for example. The question of whether the matter is investigated is entirely up to IRCC.
  3. In addition - IRCC doesn't care about a marriage breaking down, even after two days. They care about the marriage being done only for immigration purposes. If your friend can prove that the marriage was not done just to get PR, the fact that it only lasted two months will not matter.
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    Sorry for little wrong information filled .
    but how this can possible that spouse can say this marriage was just to get PR ? means what type of investigation will occur in this case?
    And what factors are included in the fake marriage??
    Its like person have to remain in stress that other one can complain to IRCC anytime to create trouble and heir advocate to proof everything.
  5. Anyone can complain about anything. That doesn't mean a complaint will be taken seriously.

    If the marriage was real, then there is nothing to worry about. IRCC won't investigate every single complaint. They are well aware that a lot of people complain about their co-workers, neighbors, spouses etc. out of a sense of revenge. It's not that hard to separate a credible complaint from a random complaint.

    However, if the marriage was not real, then yes, there can be issues.

    You tell me - what were the circumstances of your friend's marriage? Did he get married just for the PR? Did he know his wife for a long time before they got married? Was the marriage ceremony a big Indian wedding with lots of friends and family invited? Do you have pictures and videos from the wedding?

    It's not very difficult to prove that a marriage was genuinely entered into. What is difficult is trying to take a fake marriage and prove that it's real.
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    Its an arrange marriage with all their cultural ritual. yes they have pictures of all ceremonies. Hundred of people gathering were there.All photography and videos are made professionally.
    their is no purpose to achieve immigration status.
    So what other proof he has to proof marriage was genuine .
  7. If the marriage was real, then don't worry. Like I said, even if someone complains, the complaint isn't necessarily investigated especially if it doesn't sound credible.
  8. Ok thanks . but for safe side what are the required things he need to always keep with him or take care that she will not destroy those things...if this happen in future.??
  9. Have they actually lived together? Were there concerns about their marriage during sponsorship? A spouse can’t revoke your PR status but I disagree that IRCC won’t look into your marriage. People committing immigration fraud can have large weddings as well. We know nothing about your case.
  10. yes they lived together after marriage and still they are living together. Is this thing need to proof ??
  11. Sponsorship takes a year in general so if they have only been married for 3.5 months they wouldn’t be sponsored. Because this was an arranged marriage it becomes harder to investigate. Also money is exchanged with marriage that also complicated the scenario. In other cases people have dated for years and possibly lived together before they got married so there is a long relationship history. If you know your intentions were true you can leave the marriage and if CBSA contacts you give them the evidence. Nobody can guarantee anything knowing so little about your situation.
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    you just tell me
    Marrige was done one and half year ago .now it's 3.5 months After sponsorship when he reached in Canada . So total time of marriage is 1.5 year. Here in Canada is 3.5 month only .
    One more thing fake marriage need involvement of both parties not just one , am I right ?
  13. No - it doesn't need to involve both parties. It's certainly possible for marriage fraud to only be committed by one person who enters the marriage for the sole purpose of getting PR (while the other person enters into the marriage for genuine reasons).
  14. So what exactly to be seen in marriage fraud ? What factor involves in it??
  15. If the marriage is done solely for immigration purposes.

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