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Permanent Residence in Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Slycollins, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. I have a situation that is given me lots of concerns, i applied for my permanent resident in September 2018 after going through every process successfully. I was given a six month period for my expected due date. Now it been more that a year, i have not heard from Immigration, i have a friend that we both applied at the same time for PR and he has had his final decision and he has his card already. I just wanted to know if something is wrong, Immigration had only contacted me once base on my Son birth certificate. My question now is what is possibly wrong? How long does it take for immigration to respond? Is there anybody who is going through such situation or had gone through such and is now a resident card hold. Thanks for you feedbacks.
    NB: I have been in Canada for five years, came in with a study permit.
  2. There are plenty of people with similar situation. Your best course of action is to order GCMS notes to see the progress on your application.
  3. Did you inform them that you are no longer pregnant? Did you get a hold because your medicals were pending?
  4. Yeah, medical had been done, submitted and status passed. Child birth certificate was also submitted to IRCC.
  5. Thanks
  6. No
    I have already three children and four is coming in December end
  7. My wish is that my fourth baby is born in Canada
  8. Did your child get his/her medical after he/she was born. Your situation is complicated because you are pregnant again. Are you applying with your spouse or is your spouse already in Canada? Honestly you are unlikely to be able to have your child in Canada in December. Most airlines won’t allow you to fly at 35/36 weeks pregnant. There can also be up to a 3 month wait time to have healthcare coverage in some provinces. You will likely have to add another child to your application once the child is born and there will be delays again.
  9. Please do something for me
  10. No one here can do anything for you. We have no control over your application and do not know the status of your application.

    You should order your GCMS notes as suggested above to see what is happening with your application.
  11. We are five persons and fourth baby is coming in December
  12. At this point no airline will likely allow you to fly and as it is your 4th child you shouldn’t want to fly because your labour is likely to be quick. Would plan to add the next child to your application. Would also look at the cost of living for 4 children in Canada. The costs will be significant.

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