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People who passed the PEBC Evaluating exam.

Discussion in 'Education' started by MoonRocker, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    I have done a lot of web hounding and see that most people,if not all, study the "Pharmacy Prep Evaluating Exam Review & Guide" by Misbah Biabani. This book is not even in the list of books published on the PEBC website w w w. pe bc . ca /in de x .ph p/ c i_id /3 12 4/ la_id /1. ht m

    I wonder why is everyone following the Misbah Biabani book. People who have passed this exam, can you please confirm that studding this book will cover the exam material? or did you study anything else?

  2. Is there anyone who passed or have just taken the PEBC exam? :)
  3. Hi Everyone

    I did my Graduation In Pharmacy in 2003 and now planing to upgrade it in Canada.

    Someone told me because of the 12yrs gap I am not eligible for evaluating exam Can you please clarify.
  4. Hi, I m preparing for PEBC evaluating exam 2016. Is anyone interested to study?
  5. i have passed evaluation exam. every body reads misbah because it covers all of syllabus and many tips which is very useful. if you read misbah then it will be ok to pass
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  6. how can i get this book? please
  7. Hi All,

    I am new to the forum and I am planning to take the PEBC evaluating exam this July 2016. I have no materials yet Sad and the syllabus is so vast that it makes me panic of writing the exam. It would be of great help if anyone could forward misbah notes and any study material my email id is afzalneda@gmail.com.
    Also If any of you have any Misbah books for EE that you would like to sell or loan and any other study materials then please email me the details.
    And also if anyone is interested in group study or discussion to share their knowledge, stratergies to pass this exam then please mail me at

    All the best.
  8. I passed EE exams. I am selling my materials 2 boxes for 400 dollars. Send me a private message. I am from Calgary.
  9. Hello all,
    I am a foreign trained pharmacist planning to migrate to Canada soon . Pr gotten. I need a mentor or a whatsapp group to help me in preparing for my pebc conversion exams +2348054602043.
  10. I am preparing for PEBC exam. If someone on its preparatory level, (like me)..please message me at jibuthomas_604@yahoo.com
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  11. Sir,
    I want to apply for ECA .My education is Pharm D (batch 2005-2010). I just want to know that experience in this field is essentially required for ECA to be done as my experience is of teaching only my NOC does not appeal as phrmacist, but I want to work there as pharmacist in Canada after immigration ,so can I apply for ECA from pebc without having experience in that field will it be objectionable? by immigration officer or I should simply go for ECA from pebc?
  12. Hello, Have you applied fro PEBC exam, If yes then what is the result. Actually i want to start preparing for PEBC. Need your guidance if apeared
  13. Hi. I am planning to take the PEBC Evaluating Exam this coming January 2019. Do you have any recommendations regarding what study materials would be beneficial? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hi everyone,

    Planning to take the pharm evaluating exam next year 2019.
    Any advise with the best review materials?— anyone selling?

    Greatly appreciated!

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