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PEI PNP, who applied ?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by BeirutJoe, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hey, i applied through PEI PNP express entry, theres a pdf file you fill and you submit it, i did this part and it worked finally, you need to try different PC and it worked for me with internet explorer, not chrome.

    anws, the question is, i didnt receive anything from that province that states that it received my interest in their PNP

    is this wrong ? or okay? or what ?!
  2. i did the same thing, and didnt receive confirmation so I guess you are ok.
  3. Yes i emailed them they said it was received.any thoughts on the procedure ? Processing time ? Nomination ? Noc ? It is so simple compared to others
  4. I applied too...dnt know when they will start replying...How is the province btw?
  5. Does anybody know how is the job market in PEI for IT professionals? I read somewhere they had the largest unemployment rate in 2012 in Canada as compared to other provinces..
  6. Just sent my PDF file .. I got an email response saying they received it ... Hope for the best
  7. Forget about PEI, as well as NL, NB it is hard to get a job over there.. unless you have some kinda connection
  8. I applied, but no reply!
  9. After applying, I received the email:
    "Thank you for your interest in the Prince Edward Island Express Entry
    Your email has been received and will be added to our database.

    Please Note: Only those profiles that are of interest to the PEI PNP
    will be contacted. This is an automated response. Please do not reply to
    this email."

    Now i am just waiting and hope for the luckiness. I am confused about criteria of PEI as they did not publish how they choose person to give PNP.
  10. I applied and I check PE website everyday for news. They said that formal apply will be informed.. but no news till now :(
  11. My younger applied to and never heard anything. I think the province has not got its acts together
  12. I applied for this pnp and got a reply requesting for more info...Does anyone has same experience?
  13. Congrats, you are going to receive PNP from PEI most probably :). How much is your CRS & after how many days/months you received update from PEI after your formal application (EOI) to PEI?

    All the best!

  14. Hi there,

    I also got a reply from PEI today july 10th, asking for more info, mostly work related. My application was sent last march 2015. NOC 3012. How about yours?
  15. Would you please tell us your: date of application,crs score and your noc?

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