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PEI PNP business applicants

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by shantatripathi, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hello, any one here from Prince Edward Island PNP business applicants ?
  2. Hi. Good to finally connect to someone.

    Can you please share your timeline
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  3. If your application is complete and you respond quickly after each request, it should take you from 6-12 months to receive your Nomination Certificate from the province. Then it takes approx. 18 months after that to receive PR. BUT you can come to Canada after nomination on a work permit while your application for PR is in process.
  4. We received our nomination last year and have applied for PR. Waiting since 3 months after getting AOR from IRCC.
    Are you already in PEI ?
  5. I have worked professionally in this Immigration program for over 7 years. Currently no I do not live in PEI now. But I lived there for 8 years. You should wait till you receive another acknowledgment from IRCC about the status of your application.

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