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Payroll Jobs Canada

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by ASHARMA281083, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. My CRS score is 330. My age is 35 years And trying for Canada PR. I am international payroll specialist and having 10years of experience. I am planning to get study visa by applying for 6 months payroll diploma course by university. And on work visa I will try to find job so that i can apply for PR. So just wanted to know if is it possible to get canadian payroll jobs
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    Others can comment as well but To be honest the chances of getting any study permit to study a subject where you already have 10 years experience seems pretty remote. How would you intend to show in your application that a payroll course in Canada would develop your prospects when you return to your home country ?

    When you say work visa what exactly do you mean given to get a post grad work permit you need a course minimum 8 months in length ? For Canadian work experience you need to gain a minimum of one year experience to use in a PR application.

    For payroll jobs search indeed or LinkedIn to see what the job market is like
  3. Bad plan. If you only study for six months, you won't qualify for a Post Graduate Work Permit and will not be able to work in Canada once you finish your program.

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