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Payroll Jobs Canada

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by ASHARMA281083, Dec 6, 2018 at 11:48 AM.

  1. My CRS score is 330. My age is 35 years And trying for Canada PR. I am international payroll specialist and having 10years of experience. I am planning to get study visa by applying for 6 months payroll diploma course by university. And on work visa I will try to find job so that i can apply for PR. So just wanted to know if is it possible to get canadian payroll jobs
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    Others can comment as well but To be honest the chances of getting any study permit to study a subject where you already have 10 years experience seems pretty remote. How would you intend to show in your application that a payroll course in Canada would develop your prospects when you return to your home country ?

    When you say work visa what exactly do you mean given to get a post grad work permit you need a course minimum 8 months in length ? For Canadian work experience you need to gain a minimum of one year experience to use in a PR application.

    For payroll jobs search indeed or LinkedIn to see what the job market is like
  3. Bad plan. If you only study for six months, you won't qualify for a Post Graduate Work Permit and will not be able to work in Canada once you finish your program.

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