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payment Canadian tourist visa authorization letter

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by karold72, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. hello goo day,

    i just wanted to know if this is true because i am having a second thought of paying the amount said i hope you can help me with this....thank you

    miss. Karol Cantela Deinla.
    Attorney David Cohen and his team of Canadian work visa specialists can assist you in obtaining the necessary work permit to work legally in Canada. The verification & confirmations with the clarification given to us by the Canadian Immigration services is to issue you a Canadian tourist visa authorization letter, which will certify your entry eligibility into Canada as well to the Canadian tourist visa order. Now fill out the form attached and send it back to us with the requirements below for preparation of your Canadian tourist visa authorization letter

    (A). Your valid international passport scan copy, which must be valid for six months period.

    (B). Your two recent passport size photograph.

    Note: A Canadian tourist visa authorization letter & Registration fee is ($387) dollars to obtain it and fee / payment can be made in any other currency which should be equivalent to the given amount if converted in Dollar.


    The processing fee payment (in dollars) can be made by:



    Ukash prepaid card

    Cash-U prepaid card

    Western Union /Money gram / Money Express and Ria Money transfer for applicants outside Canada.
    (Payable to our tourist immigrant representatives department in Cape Verde Islands)

    You will be refunded in the event of a negative tourist visa authorization letter fee, or if your application is withdrawn or cancelled or if a fee was collected in error (e.g. an incorrect fee amount was processed).

    NB:If you don’t have an access to payment method above, you should contact our tourist immigrant representatives department to direct you on how you can send your fee to their office in Cape Verde Islands. Below here is the contact email address.

    Email: tourist-immigrants@representative.com

    You must send them your full name, phone number and your passport number to enable them easily dictates your documents in the central processing unit and don’t forget to send them your documents code number, it is very important. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation receipt from the tourist immigrants representatives department we will issue you the tourist visa authorization letter as directed by the immigration services.

    Good Day
    Attorney David Cohen
    Canadian Immigration Lawyer.
  2. It is as real as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

    Ukash prepaid card, seriously??
  3. Complete Scam... Run away and don't look back.

  4. Good day,
    Got something like this recently but with a job offer from Marriott hotel and was asked to pay $300 through western union to the same Cape Verde islands since they have an issue with their department here in Nigeria.
  5. Please, I looking for helping , I have received email from Marriott hotel and after following steps asked me for contact with immigration lawyer consultant and they asked me for contact with tourists immigration consultant , after all that asking me to pay 371$ to get authorization letter and sent details of payment and its in US
    Best regards,
    David Cohen
    THAT is their signature
    I want assistant, what should I do?
  6. Scam!!
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  7. Thank, I would not know , if that really b
  8. Dear Raddad Jamil Ali Naji Abdullah,
    Hilton Hotel Toronto, Canada has issued you this letter as an invitation for a work/stay permit in Canada;
    Raddad Jamil Ali Naji Abdullah been selected as Network Engineer HILTON HOTEL TORONTO, CANADA.
    Raddad Jamil Ali Naji Abdullah will arrive in (Toronto Pearson International Airport)and remain for
    approximately (36 Month Renewable) Employee shall in no circumstances ask the Canada
    Consulate to deduct the paper work fee for visa, work/resident permit paper from their first
    month salary, flight ticket as well as other monetary benefit will be issued to employee only when
    they must have procure there visa, work/resident permit paper from the immigration Department;
    we have signed a contract agreement for easy acquisition for employee traveling document as
    readiness by employee to join.
    The arrangement of your stay have been made by us; HILTON HOTEL TORONTO, CANADA shall
    finance only your flight ticket and accommodation, all the expenses incurred during your traveling
    document procurement will be refund within Ten days of their arrival in Canada upon submission
    of all their receipt of expenses.
    I am attaching to this letter all the formal documents that you will be needed to submit to the
    Canada consulate to get the visa process.
    We are eagerly waiting for you. Hopefully, you will come and join us soon.
  9. Assume SCAM.

    It's a very badly worded, fake, job offer. Do not send them any money or documents
  10. If you are asking, it is likely a scam.
    Common sense people. A job offer can not just come this way, unsolicited, without interview, and asking for a "processing" fee.
  11. As others have replied. It's a scam

    The Hilton group don't usually refer itself as Hilton Toronto Hotel. Instead "Hilton Hotels & Resorts".
    The email was badly worded and unprofessional.
    e.g. This doesn't make sense... LOL
    "we have signed a contract agreement for easy acquisition for employee traveling document as
    readiness by employee to join."

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