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Passports To/From CPC-OTTAWA November/December 2017 and Landing Experiences

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by happygarcha, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. you don't need to fill in anything. I just did my landing last night and I felt like the whole process was just like going to the supermarket, grab a bottle of juice, and wait at the cashier to pay for it. YES it's that easy:cool:
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  2. Passport received today , will do landing by end of the month
    Thank you and good luck
  3. thanks. will go landing tomorrow.
  4. Guys, does anybody here who got the same email i have recieved last january 10,2018. Here is the email from cpc ctd ottawa:
    Dear Applicant,

    Your documents are now finalized and ready to be returned to you; however, to ensure your documents are safely returned to you, we would like to verify your mailing address. Please reply to this e-mail with your full mailing address, including apartment number (if applicable), so that we may send your documents.
    Please help to know if it is a good sign or bad sign. Thank you and God bless.
  5. They r just confirming ur address. No need to worry u will get ur pp back in 1 or 2 days.
  6. What is PP? What do you think they say finalized? Why they need to turn back the documents? Does it means something? Thanks in advance for your answer.
  7. I just submit my photo copy passport but i still have my original one in me.
  8. Pp means pasport. They gona send u the copr.u didnt send ur pasprt?? why
  9. It is my immigration lawyer who send my documents. She is in canada right now. And i am in the philippines.
  10. They just want to cinfirm tge address where they gona send ur pasprt.u r good .
  11. They just ask u fre questions what u saw on declaration form on airports... u have to answer yes/ no .. not a big deal
  12. I got passport back. Going to land to port Monchy tomorrow
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  13. congrats bro... good luck...finally it’s going to end... ha ha ha
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  14. Thanks bro :) Congratulations to u as well :)
  15. Based on timelines, the time frame is 1 month and 2 weeks at the most from PP delivered/received by steve(schuiboeter) to PP received by applicant us. Start from PP received by ottawa to PP received by you. It's ALWAYS a month, not less except for 1 or 2 people here who got it 20 days. It really hurts ur plans, oh man!

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