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Passports to CPC - Ottawa - October 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by avm, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Guys , my passports sent Ottawa on Wednesday.
    Please share your timelines and updates here.

    my timeline here follows:

    PPR: 16 October, 2018
    Passports sent to Ottawa :17 October, 2018
    Passports received to CPC- Ottawa: 18 October, 2018
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  2. Ppr- 15 oct
    Passport sent to ot
    which service courier did u used?
  3. I sent in Canada post “Xpresspost”.

    By the way when did you sent the Passport to Ottawa ?

    Please keep update your status

  4. I think my lawyer did on 16 oct
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  5. Hope we get it back before the strike starts
  6. I am thinking same like you. Let’s see.

    But they are going to do ‘rotational ‘ strike, if talks fails.
  7. my timeline here follows:

    PPR: 9 October, 2018
    Passports sent to Ottawa :10 October, 2018
    Passports received to CPC- Ottawa: 15 October, 2018
    Ghost Updated: Approved --- 18 Oct 2018
    Passport sends back information on Canada Post: waiting
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  8. Passport sent on 12 oct
    Recived on 15th october
    No update after that
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  9. Congratulations for approval :).

    Why it took 5-days (October 10 to October 15) to reach Ottawa ?
  10. PPR: oct 16, 2018
    passport sent: oct. 17, 2018
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  11. Thank you!

    I don’t know. Canada Post changed the delivery date.:)
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  12. its saying that Canada post is planning to go on strike on Monday :(
    hopefully, it won't affect anything, my landing plan is next week
  13. Will it show this on EcAs too? Mine received on Oct 15 but there were new photos resubmitted, no update after that.
  14. You got CoPR?
  15. Not yet received and did not get our passports back, i was requested to submit new photos. no update after the submission. Still DM on my ECAS but when i spoke with CIC agent my app was already approved.

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