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Passport to CPC - Ottawa July 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Dversa, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Passport Sent: 07/10/18
    Passport Received: 07/12/18
    Status: Decision Made
    Return Envelop: Not activated
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  2. I have same timeline

  3. When Did the status change to "Decision Made"?

    They received our passports on July 10th and the status in our CIC account says "The application is in progress" . Is this where you check your status too ?
  4. Sent passport to CPC Ottawa: July 10
    Passport delivered by CPC Ottawa: July 11
    Status: Pending

    The CIC account still says "The application is in progress".
  5. Ours just changed

    Sent passport to CPC Ottawa: July 09
    Passport delivered by CPC Ottawa: July 10
    Status: Pending : July 17th
    Return Tracker : Not activated

  6. Did it change to approved? Which courier did you use? and one more question - if you sent it through fedex, was the delivery location updated to 2303 Stevenage Drive on your Fedex proof of delivery receipt?
  7. Yes it changed to Approved .
    We used Fedex. Our return tracker is not yet activated
    and we sent it to 365 Laurier Av. West, Ottawa ON, K1A 1L1
  8. Yes even I sent it to the same address but did you check your Fedex proof of delivery along with signature - delivery location in my case was mentioned as 2303 Stevenage Drive - Ottawa, ON, K1A 1L1. It was signed by a person named S. GRENIER.
  9. For me , It was deliverd to 365 Laurier and was signed by ROZIDO
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  10. Did you call CIC anytime to inquire about your passport before your application turned to 'approved' status ?
  11. no i did not call
  12. Thank you - I called them and they said they didnt receive passport yet but Fedex already delivered it. Dont know whats happpening :(
  13. I have read a few posts where peopl have said their passport was directed to 2303 Stevenage Drive
  14. Hmm hopefully it will get processed soon.
  15. On Ecas it says DM, But gc key account still says in process.

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