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Passport Requests after October 2019 from CPC Ottawa for PR applicants from within Canada.

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by sarsubha91, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am trying to judge the situation here. I applied for PR in Canada under CEC, completed the application on August 28th, 2019. 17th Sept 2019 the IRCC portal was updated with medicals passed. November 5th I received an email at my registered email asking for my passport to be sent at CPC- Ottawa. I dispatched my passport via Canada post (Xpresspost) on 6th Novem 2019 (Package contained, Passport, 2 photographs, Annexure A signed and dated along with the Return envelope) and as per the tracking ID of Canada Post, it was delivered and received at Ottawa on 7th Nov 2019.
    Since then, there have been no updates yet. The return tracker of Canada Post is not yet activated and also no update is the portal yet (the last update was medicals passed and now it is application in process).

    Anyone who got the Passport Request along the same time frame? If you can share how it looks for you?
    Any update on when can I expect my passport?
    Also, will the portal be updated when the COPR is attached to my passport? Or the only way to get to know about my passport is the return tracker of Canada Post?
  2. There is nothing to judge here, Nov 7 add 3 weeks, you can expect it back after Nov 28 or later.
    People under CEC in Oct still waiting...

  3. Thank you Gary, if you can tell me the how it works, shall I expect an update on the portal first and then look to track, or the portal won't be updated at all and just rely on the tracker?
  4. mycic will change and display "approved", then the tracker will be activated
  5. Hi,

    I also received Ready for Visa email on Nov 14, but there hasnt been any update in my cic account.

    Do i send my documents and include a print out of the email ( will complete the annex A)? or wait for the update on cic account.

    Usually they update the account with the Annex A form.
  6. You re damn lucky
  7. Today 19 Nov 2019,13:30 Toronto time, got Application/profile updated, click in said "November 19, 2019 Your application was approved. Check your messages below for details.", which means my application is finally approved and waiting for the copr and landing. PPT received on 5 Nov@cpc Ottawa.

  8. That's a great news! Congratulations. Thank you for the update. Can hope for something by Friday.
  9. yes, i got mail just now!
  10. Hey Gary,
    My portal got updated yesterday around 4:30pm EST. My tracking I'd from Canada Post is not yet activated.

    How long did it take for you from getting updated in the IRCC portal till your Canada Post tracking id got activated?
  11. passport was sent to cic November 7
    delivered Nov 8
    since then no update on my passport
    Mycic profile still says in progress
    the progess bar says 44days more
  12. Just checked my profile and saw that i have been approved
    i didnt get any email update
    ppr Novem 6
    sent to ottawa nov 7
    delivered nov 8
    aproved nov 27
    i didnt get any tracking details yet tho
  13. Hello all,
    Just trying to p[

    In my case I submitted my passport on 6th Nov 2019,delivered on 7th Nov 2019 at CPC Ottawa, was approved on Nov 21st 2019 (there was no communication in between), received Passport with CoPR in the mail on 25th Nov 2019, landed the same evening at the Windsor-Detroit border. Waiting for PR Card now.

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