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Passport request

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Henry d, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. hi all, actually I got update in my cic account about passport submission and final decision states as your application is approved. Does it mean I gt visa?
    And if yes is there any clue for how long?
    And usually how long does it take after submission of passport.
  2. Congrats. You're almost there but not yet

    It would depend on the assessment of your application

    For BKK, it could be within a week
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. I have function to attend this weekend. Can I request for urgent or expedited return of passport. Is it possible.
  4. That's a close call, but you can try.

    Someone who had applied from BKK/lives in BKK was able to get his visa stamped in one day. He collected the passport himself from VFS instead of the courier service.

    You must include copies of your flight bookings + a letter requesting for expedited stamping + evidence of the function
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  5. Ok perfect. Thank you so much. I ll do that. Hope for best.
    Thanks a lot for all the information.
  6. Hi,

    We just received request for passport submission for my parents. They are in Delhi. Is there a way to send the passports by post or it has to be done in person only?

    If in person, then besides carrying the passports and the passport submission request letter, what other documents are required? Also, where is the VAC for Canada visa. We plan to submit the passports within a few days so a quick response would be highly appreciated.

  7. The Indian Passports Act states that it is illegal to send passports by post/courier. Also, the visa office/VFS will not accept passports that are couriered to them.

    Passports + passport request letters + VFS consent forms + VFS fees

    New Delhi:
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  8. Thanks!
    Do we need to take appointment for submitting passport?
  9. No, You do not need any appointment. I submitted my passport today at Delhi 's VAC. Also include first page of your passport n your document set apart from what @Bryanna suggested.
  10. Hello am sorry for replying here with my questions but hope you can give me some idea since you've submitted your application. Am trying to apply for SuperVisa for mom's behalf online. For the medical insurance receipt, should I attach that on the invitation letter or where did you upload it? Also in the application online, am done uploading everything (application form, supporting documents) just maybe some minor changes if ever but I still can't see where can I pay or submit the application. I don't know how to proceed. The only button I can see at the bottom is 'exit questionnaire'. how do you submit the application after uploading all docs online? and also how to pay the $100 fee? thank you.

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