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Passport request

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by TAVELEE, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Hi.... I got passport request today. My question is ... Does it mean approved or denied? Another question is can i send my brother instead of me to submit my orginal passport to VFS or its required i have to go.
  2. A final decision will be taken only after the visa office gets your passport. But, you're almost there :)

    Yes, your brother can submit your passport on your behalf. He will need an authorization letter from you + all other relevant documents (you can check the local VFS website)
  3. Dear Bryanna

    you have hepled me a lot through this process, Thank you so much.
  4. Dear All.

    I received an email from CIC today with the file number and subject passport request. So it for sure means that my visa is approved. My online tracking still shows documents under process at Canadian high commission.
  5. You must submit your passport within 30 days. Only after that you can be sure your visa has been approved when the 'Final decision' status changes to 'Approved/Closed'
  6. Thank you bryanna for your information i will submit all the passports on sunday.
    I have one doubt if you could please clear me on that. My new passport is issued this year april and valid for 10 years. The old passport is expired but all my previous visas including US, Japan, South Africa, Europe and South Korea on the old passport. So should i send the new passport only or both the old and new one.

  7. Only the new passport (same passport number as what you stated in the application form)
  8. Hi,

    We just received request for passport submission for my parents. They are in Delhi. Is there a way to send the passports by post or it has to be done in person only?

    If in person, then besides carrying the passports and the passport submission request letter, what other documents are required? Also, where is the VAC for Canada visa. We plan to submit the passports within a few days so a quick response would be highly appreciated.


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