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Passport PR Visa stamping processing day from Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by KEBS, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Greetings,

    A good day to all. We would like to inquire in regards of PR visa stamping. Myself and my son are required to submit our passport to CIC Abu Dhabi, right now we are in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we want to clarify from your good side about the required processing day for our PR visa stamping. Also, please verify with us for a PR visa expiration/duration before to travel in Canada. Your kind response and advice are more appreciated.
  2. Hello

    I believe it has been a couple of months since you posted this, I hope you must have got your documents processed. Actually, I'm in the same stage as you were back then. I live in Saudi Arabia and am required to submit the document to the Abu Dhabi VAC. The letter I got from CIC, in one of the options, asks to submit the passport the passport via Aramax with a completed airway bill.

    I need to know how this is done? Do I have to approach Aramax and along with the shipment ask them to include a second (completed) airway bill? How is the payment made for this? Any suggestions from your end would be useful.

    Thank you in advance.
  3. Feeshee, are you still in saudi arabia I would like to ask some infos re how to get PCC. I worked in saudi arabia year 2008 f im not mistaken but i wasnt able to come back so i only have an exit visa. Would the saudi arabia give PCC? Please help...
  5. You will need to check the CIC webpage for Police Certificates from different country. There you will find the answer.
  6. Hi KEBS,

    Did you get your visa stamped ? Did you submit directly to CIC Office Abu Dhabi or through VFS in UAE ?
  7. Hi Feeshee,

    I'm actually in the same situation. Could you please let me know how you submitted your passport ? Direct to CIC office, or through VFS ?

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