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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ijaz7484, May 10, 2018.

  1. My sister and her family are canadian citizens. my dad applied in 2013 thier application was rejected stating financial condition. then we applied in dec 2017 visa got rejected stating "OTHER REASONS" " your proposed travel is not reasonable in light of one more of , your employment history, level of establishment, travel history, and your travel plans.

    and Jan 2018 again it is rejected : OTHER REASONS.

    we are really sad, my parents has good track record of travel history, every year he keeps travelling. and his dream is to see canada and his daughter whom he has not seen from last 4 years. we had mentioned that they are going to stay only one month.

    can some one can give me suggestion to apply once agian so has to what points i need to consider and what additional documents we have to keep it. any tips and suggestions welcome.
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    Hello ,in my opinion, if you have shown to the embassy that your siso who is a pr holder in Canada which is base for your parents and also,your parents are going to meet her,then you shud better apply for super visa for them..
  3. You would need to provide more information:
    1. What were the list of documents that your parents had submitted for their recent applications?

    2. Which countries have your parents traveled to in the last 10 years? And typically for how long was each visit?

    3. Are your parents employed/business? Do they own property/land or have a lease in their name? Do they live with dependent relatives? Are they dependent on someone for their finances?

    4. What did they mention as the purpose of their visit?
  4. the super visa will have to go the LICO (low income cut off) so we will not qualify as my sis income is less that 66k.

    so we applied visitors visa.

    no idea how to proceed. can some one please help on this.
  5. they mentioned to visit daughter and her children

  6. just to add my dad does not own any property, property is in my mom name. and we declared gold and bank balance of mom.

    my dad we just showed only bank statement and business trade license etc.
  7. Well, I am chartered accountant here in India
    For good statement you should bifurcate every detaid

    1 . every bank account of your mother, father
    2. Every fd
    3. Gold
    4. Cash in hand
    5. Life insurance
    6. Property details
    7. Livestock certified
    8. Shares investment
    9. Other investments

    1. Business registration, tax papers of your father and mother
    2. Income tax returns showing name of business in return
    3. A certificate which states business is in running condition
    4. If income tax return not filed, then certificate in lieu of return
    These points are just to mention strong establishment in India
  9. does reducing the travel date days to 15 will help ??
    also regarding the rejection reason, should we reply point by point in the covering letter?
  10. waiting for your reply.
  11. When is the next tour to KSA scheduled?
    Can your dad prove he has some tours coming up after his Canada visit?

    Does your mom earn rental income from the property?
    Do your parents live with dependent grandparents and/or your unmarried siblings?
  12. Thank Br
    : NO. But my parents takes care of my eldest sisters kids as my elder sister lives in UAE and her kids stay with my parents for thier education purpose.
  13. awaiting for your reply bryanna

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