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Parents in Canada, Can Renew Supervisa here?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by pdhillon, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    My both parents are here in canada on supervisa, they are staying with me ? There supervisa is getting expired in January 2019. Can I reapply for supervisa here and get there medical done here ?

    Can someone guide me how can I apply ?

  2. They need to apply to a visa office outside Canada for new super visas.

    However, they don't need to apply for new super visas yet. You may want to consider applying to extend their current visitor status instead
  3. Actually if i apply for visitor staus or visa then they can only stay for 6 months & if they want to stay more they have to apply for extension which I feel more hectic so I always choose supervisa.

    So, to apply for supervisa it has to be done @ visa office outside canada only ?
  4. Do the counterfoils on their passports state PG-1 or V1?

    That's right
  5. It shows PG-1

    So Basically they have to go back home & then apply for new visa & then come back . Right ?
  6. If it's PG-1, they can stay for up to two years. Do check if there's a handwritten date below the entry stamps in their passports. Or you could call CBSA just to be sure that they can stay for two years without going back home
  7. I am sure they can stay for 2 yrs from date of there arrival in canada but they don't have any stamp or date on there passport. In any case I have to apply again as there visa is expiring in January.
  8. No, they don't need to apply for a new super visa not at least for two years/if they don't plan to leave the country
  9. Hi bryanna
    If you could let me know about this situation please?? As for super visa it needs to be applied outside canada but if it could be possible to apply from other country while staying there as a visitor??
    Previously you did reply me about this but i am wondering if it could b possible to apply for visitor visa in the following situation
    Pls help and advice:
    If a person having Pakistani citizenship and visiting Australia on visitor visa can he/she apply for Canadian visit visa from Australia as living as a temporary visitor there like anyone visiting canada on visit visa can apply for visa for USA or vice versa but can a person on visitor bisa in Australia can apply visit visa for canada so they can fly / stay directly from Australia to Canada for 6months or so then to return to Pakistan.
  10. Yes, someone can apply for a TRV from any country where s/he has legal immigration status including as a visitor.

    That said, it is not advisable to apply from a country where the applicant is visiting because his/her ties would be weak.

    IMO, the advice I gave previously would help as compared to applying when your mom is a visitor in Australia. Your mom has good chances of an approval as she already has a valid TRV. Do prepare her new application along the same lines
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  11. Ok thanks alot:)

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