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Parent Visiting - health care and insurance

Discussion in 'Health' started by dreamerchant, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Hello Experts:

    My mother got Visitor Visa and will be coming over to Alberta soon. I understand that, visitors can only have emergency access to health care through insurance.

    I want to know, if there is a way to get thorough medical check-up for visitors and how to get it at affordable cost?

    Expert opinion please and thanks.
  2. The only way is to pay cash. Your parents are visitors so they must account for their regular medical care and medication when making their travel plans. They are also only allowed to bring a 90 day supply of any prescription medication.
  3. Yes, visitors insurance will only cover medical emergency treatment costs, which excludes anything related to a routine check up, continuation of an ongoing treatment, elective or cosmetic treatment.

    Yet, "emergency" is a generalized term used by private insurance companies and what it means, at least in most cases, is an unforeseen sickness or accidental injury that cannot be reasonably delayed to be treated. A reasonable delay in such case is person's return home (since she is a visitor in Canada).

    Basically, emergency is not just something life threatening, but a more common flu, infection, headaches, food poisoning, broken bone, etc. is also considered emergency according to insurance terminology. Physical exams and lab tests including x-rays are also covered under such insurance as long as it is a part of a medical emergency treatment.

    So, getting a visitors insurance is still a smart thing to do, although it does not cover everything. In case there is an unexpected sickness or injury you can use your policy to cover possible expenses instead of paying for medical services out of pocket, which would certainly be more than what you would've paid for the insurance.

    In any case, you can still take a look at the private insurance plans and see the cost online, so that you know your options - Visitors to Canada Insurance
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  4. @Steevy
    Good post with great clarification of “Emergency Treatment”.
  5. I think it depends on the terms of the insurance. My hubby had a high fever and we waited till the next morning to go to a walk-in clinic.
    The doctor said he had a flu and just send him home to rest (drink water..etc)
    And when we tried to claim this via his insurance, it was declined. Cos it wasn't "emergency". The visit only costed $100.
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  6. Usually if no treatment is needed it isn't considered an emergency.
  7. Agreed with canuck78, if no treatment is required, then it is not an emergency. Each insurance policy has its own policy wording with applicable conditions. Yet, in case of a flu, as a viral condition, it does require treatment, especially when accompanied by high fever. Looks like it was up to doctor's own discretion of whether or not to prescribe any form of formal treatment i.e. antiviral meds, etc.

    Seasonal cold, on the other hand, while sharing certain symptoms with flu, wouldn't be considered emergency and private insurance won't cover a visit to a doctor.
  8. Right. But we won't know if it's something more serious until we visited the doctor.
    They never give meds for flu unless it's a really bad one. They usually just let our bodies fight it.
  9. My mother came to Canada with super visa , I bought insurance with manulife , later I applied for permanent residency through h&c grounds , while waiting for her application decision my mother diagnosed with breast cancer , she needed a surgery later radiotherapy, the insurance paid for the surgery but refused to pay for radiation saying it’s not emergency, but based on doctors it’s emergency and needs to start soon but they denied to pay . Now I have to pay everything from own pocket as she doesn’t have any insurance coverage right now also her current insurance going to expire soon when I spoke to insurance company they put conditional purchase that we can’t get any treatment regarding cancer even it’s emergency. So insurance companies are very tricky and not nice with you when needed their help. I have been buying their insurance for two years.
  10. You are actually quite lucky the surgery was covered. Travel medical insurance is meant to treat you until you stable enough to board a plane and receive treatment in your home country. Insurance companies are a for profit country so don't cover things that will need guaranteed treatment.
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  11. Now I need to buy the insurance again but they gave me conditional purchase policy that any cancer related problem won’t be covered. Is there any other insurance company which covers cancer patient?
  12. No not if the person has cancer. The insurance companies don't cover things that a guaranteed to happen.

  13. Hi hope your mother is fine and doing well. Can you please tell me what is status of your mother after applying H&C visa. My parents are here and I want to apply for their H&C visa because no one is in back home and all siblings are in Canada. Please do reply me thanks
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    Canada has a process to sponsor parents called PGP. Although this person may have been approved there are many other parents who have been denied H&C. Read about an example a few days ago. You recently immigrated. You should have been making arrangements for your parents knowing that you are moving away and they were no able to accompany you. Since they are a couple they would not be considered alone in their home country. If you get refusal for H&C it can negatively impact their ability to visit in the future. Supervisa exist exactly for cases like yours.
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    yes you are right. I should not apply for H&C. i agree with you 100%. thank you

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