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Parent Sponsorship 2018 - Income (LICO)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by zahidislam14, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Hi
    i want to apply for family sponsorship of my wife and son, Do i have to still meet LICO requirement?
  2. No - there is no LICO for spouse and child sponsorship.
  3. Thanks for updation. Can you please share some weblink supporting your reply as one of my friend had created this doubt of LICO. I just want to make sure every aspect before starting application.
  4. It is true but you have to be able to show that you have the funds to support your family without government help.
  5. Please add me in
    how much is requirementlike i am earning here about 3000CAD a month
  6. Should be fine.
  7. Hi,

    I landed as a PR last year. Since I landed in mid of year, the 2017 Canadian income of me and my wife may not be enough to sponsor my parents (after 3 years). But if I add my pre-PR 2017 income from home country, it is well above the LICO limit. Is it possible for me to consider my pre-PR income in this case? If yes, do I need to make any changes to my 2017 income tax filing?
  8. You can't use your home country income.
  9. I have a similar situation. I have already sent the amendend return but apparently it will take 9 weeks to get NOA. Can I give explanation and submit the amendment copy? Also can I show sickness EI? I don't know if it's considered special EI like maternity. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I am preparing super visa for my parents., please someone can help me to answer the following concern of mine?

    1. I want to show my father's properties and business documents to justify his ties to the resident country. In which section I should provide this information and document?

    2. Me and my wife together earn $104K, however, we both started our full-time permanent jobs on1st, May 2017 (i had have contracted job from 1st Jan to 17 March 2017), therefore, we got NOA for around 40K each (1st May-Dec 31st, 2017).
    My question is, as I am applying for my parents so I have NOA for 40K 2017 and my income is 44K/year, but our household income is 104K as my wife earns 60K and her 2017 NOA is also around 40K. What if a visa offer just would see my NOA/salary (40K/44K) which is under LICOs income as I am calling MY parents. Or, they would also assess my wife's salary too so I would be good enough as per LICOs?

    I know in my second question I am thinking too much, actually, my parents got reject Visit visa in 2015 when I try to call them for my convocation ceremony that's why this time I am very concern before applying.

    I hope someone from this forum could able to help me out to answer my above concerns.

    Thanks in advance.


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