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Pakistan Sponsor

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by linaaaa, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I will be sponsoring my husband from pakistan inshallah, I am a canadian citizen, he is a pakistani citizen.
    I must submit the nikkah nama, although I cannot submit the original nikkah nama because in Pakistan the original nikkah nama is always needed for jobs, buisness etc. My husband will need the nikkah nama in his hands, also the Canadian immigration doe snot return documents. It is very hard to create a new nikkah nama.
    The same issue for his school certificate.
    Is it okay if I submit an notorized copy of the nikkah nama, and his school certificate? Also there is no point of translating the nikkah nama, because at least our nikkah has the translated information under neath the same context in urdu.
  2. If it says you need to send originals, then you need to send originals; failing to follow the instructions will result in your app being returned. IRCC does return original documents.
  3. Yes, but the canadian immigration usually take years to return the original documents, and in some cases the original documents even get lost by the Canadian immigration.
    My husband needs it for his jobs, and businesses over there. The nikkah khat there is kind of like an I.D, he usually needs it in his hands, for many job related stuff.
    Also, say for example, god forbid, his sponsor application gets rejected, how will i provide another original nikkah khat right after that case, for the new case. The Pakistani offices are very slow and unprofessional, it took 2 years for them to make a correct form of my nikkah khat, even though they had all the correct copies of information that they need to input into the nikkah khat. It took 2 years for them to correct spelling errors, and missing information which THEY forgot to put in.
    I do not want it to affect me in the long run, as it is very complicated to make a new original nikkah khat, and my husband also needs it for his job related stuff.
    This is why I was wondering if a notarized copy of a school- certificate and nikkah khat would be acceptable.
  4. never ever they will accept a copy. and if you are going to ask them about the matter they won't reply you or reply you very late.
    what I did when my mother alongwith other dependents were sponsored by my father to canada is that I kept a notarized copy of all their documents including educational certificates, experience certificates, nikahnama, etc at home and submitted the original ones. In Pakistan there will not be problem using notarized copies instead of original ones, but in Canada, there is only problem.
    and the day when my family members got their visas, there were also their original documents enclosed along with passports (except the original photographs which I submitted for showing the proof of relationship of my family members with my father).

    Note: I did the documentation for the above said sponsorship process.

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