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Owning a business while working for another employer ?


Feb 18, 2016
Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the legality of the subject matter....??

I have been working in Toronto as a permanent employee on a PG work permit since 4 months.My friend who is a Canadian citizen owns a business and he offered to give me a partnership in his company (25% shares) with the condition I should work for this comp after my regular working hrs with the above employer.

Can somebody give me an idea whether this is legal simultaneously working for two employers?
Are there any mention about like situation in CIC website or Canadian Labour Law ? It would be great if anybody give me some links of web site to read further on regulations on this.....?

Thanks & Regards


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Mar 22, 2016
Cannot comment on the business ownership part but you are on a PGWP, an open work permit, so you are free to work for as many hours or employers as you want to. Just be aware as sure you know having any share in a business does not give you any extra rights once your PGWP expires to stay on, you still need to follow an immigration path, EE or CEC for example.
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