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Outland Spousal Sponsorship - Question about Mailing!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Chimpz93, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Greetings to all!

    My question might sound silly, but I swear that I have looked everywhere for an answer, including this forum, and could not find anything.

    Basically, I am confused as to how exactly my spouse (the Applicant) and I (the Sponsor) should be sending out our application packages in the mail to IRCC.

    We are doing outland sponsorship, because I live in Canada, as my husband lives and works in the US. At the moment he is unable to visit me in Canada due to restrains, so I visit him very frequently in the US.

    Since we technically live in two different countries, and both have completed and gathered our applications and supporting documents, do we send everything in ONE batch to IRCC, or do we have to send our application packages separately - one for the Sponsor, and one for the Applicant?

    If we do have to send in everything together, where do we send our mail package from? My home in Canada or his home in US? I was just a little bit paranoid and worried over the fact that if we do send the whole application package from Canada (because you can always see the return address on the envelope) the IRCC officials might mistakenly think that my spouse lives with me here and that might somehow negatively affect our application... I know it's prob silly to think that, please re-assure me kindly!

    One more question - My spouse and I have just married 3 months ago in the US. We had our ceremony, wedding and reception with all the legal stuff. We never lived together before that but visited each other (we're from the same culture).
    I've read somewhere that partners should live together for a year before applying for spousal sponsorship, but I think that only applies to common-law partners, and not to spouses? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I would be glad to be wrong!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my questions! Good luck to everyone here!
  2. You should send the full application package to the visa office listed for outland spousal sponsorships. It doesn't matter which of you "sends" it, to be honest. I sent my app (PA, inland) from my work address but it doesn't really matter. Probably easier/cheaper to send it from Canada, since then you won't have to pay international. As long as your documents are completed, in the right order, and your payments have been made, they're not going to be overanalyzing where the package was mailed from. If you send it in two packages they'll probably BOTH be sent back as incomplete. I just kind of doubt that IRCC would have the time/patience to piece it together for you but unfortunately we have no idea what their process is.

    Living together is nice, but it doesn't matter if you're applying outland. Offer the proof you have that you're in a genuine relationship but it makes sense that you don't live together. Living together is only required for either common-law or inland applications, and the one-year requirement is only for common-law. It's very normal to not live together in your circumstance and while you may have to offer more proof that you two are committed and visit back and forth frequently, it's not required to live together.

    Honestly, your best method is to carefully read all of the instructions in the application package and follow exactly what they ask for. If they needed proof you lived together, it would be asked for in the application. As long as you provide everything and are thorough and honest, it'll be fine. :)
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  3. My husband is American and I am Canadian also. We gathered all of our documents and sent them together. He visited me here to sign everything and I put everything together in a package and mailed it from here in Canada. It doesn’t matter where you mail it from. They won’t think he’s living with you I can assure you :)

    We never lived together either. Just many visits. It doesn’t say that’s a requirement for us. That would really defeat the purpose of a long distance relationship if we had to live together no? Lol but trust me I get it. I worry too. All your thoughts are normal. Good luck :)
  4. Woah, thank you so much for such a thorough answer and explanation! Everything is clear to me now, and I’m definitely less worried about the process. Thanks again!!
  5. Thank you for your reply! It does make sense after all haha.. Good luck with your application!
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