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Outland spousal sponsorship April

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Hamawi, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. I am from Bangladesh,My husband lives in Montreal and he sent the application in Dec 2017.
    CIC received the papers in January
    Application Acknowledged in February
    Police clearance sent
    Application processing started in April
    Medical submitted in May 2018
    Held for Interview since May 2018

    It’s been 5 months but no date of interview is given. How long can this process go?
  2. A really rather long time. If you've been asked for an interview on an outland application, your case is likely going to fall outside of the 12-month target for processing. You can raise a case-specific enquiry via the webform but it will take some time to process.

  3. Thanks. But how to do that? I’ve emailed them n my husband as well but they replied saying this may delay more if I keep on emailing them. As soon as they fix a schedule they’ll inform. But I’m depressed and my husband visited me twice in a year. We both are going through a tough mental state.

  4. Hi there!

    What’s ur status now? I am going through the same delays since December. Its absolutely frustrating. I have gone and visited my husband twice this year. This is our timeline:

    App received: Dec 4/17
    Aor: March 2018
    Pcc: feb 6/18
    Med requested: May 2018
    Med passed: August 2018
    Interview done: Sept 19/18

    Now still waiting. I did an enquiry and they said BGC has not started yet. Let me know what’s ur progress.

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