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OSAP related queries


Jun 8, 2020

I have a query on OSAP.

My situation is that I came as PR on Oct 2018 from Guyana. I got married after landing. My wife is still in Guyana. I'm applying for a diploma course in Ryerson and got selected for fall 2020. THese are my queries:
1. When I apply for OSAP,should i show as married?
2. Since I'm yet to apply for family sponsorship visa for my spouse, she is still not a Canadian PR and could this impact the OSAP grant - will i be treated as single or married?
3. Since my spouse hasnt landed in Canada, will she be treated as a resident and be included for considering the grant?
4. My spouse still has work back in Guyana, so should i mention that in my application?
5. I'm staying on a room share with no contract and my payments are cash. Can i get benefit for that?
6. I had a part time job for 2 months back in Nov-Dec 2018 and i working on minimum wage now. I had a job back in Guyana before I came here. What should be mentioned as income?
7. I still have some money in bank which i brought as part of coming over. Should i show that?
8. Once my OSAP is approved, and my situation/law/govt policies changes , is it possible for an appeal on grant?

Thank you.