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OSAP eligibility for sponsored parents

Discussion in 'Education' started by bdidol, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know if parents are eligible to get OSAP in Ontario?
  2. Did you read the eligibility here where OSAP does not have an age restriction but applicant must at least be a citizen or a PR plus there are conditions that make an applicant not eligible so may be a challenge for parents given they would not necessarily be regarded as typical students

  3. I know there is no age limit, but wondering if there is any complications due to the sponsored undertakings? As they will have any income, wheather sponsored income may take a part in this
  4. You’ll have to see whether your income factors into how much of a loan they receive. Remember the days of grants are over and we are back to loans.
  5. At least not true for ON. People I know got admission in this summer term with grants. I checked the OSAP estimator and they will get about $19000 as loan+ grants.

    Though I am not sure if our PGP undertakings have any role in this.
  6. Changes are implemented for the 2019-2020 school year. There are still some grants but too many people were not declaring their actual income and the program was not affordable. The Ontario taxpayers were paying for people to do their MBAs while working good jobs when the intent of the program was to help low income students to enter postsecondary education to break the cycle of poverty.

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