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Opportunities for an Interior Designer if your education is not equivalent

Discussion in 'Education' started by viviliaZ, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Hi friends,
    I have a degree in commerce alongwith a diploma in Interior Design [Indian education]. I have been able to work for 5+ years in the Gulf as a designer with this diploma. However, WES does not recognize it as equivalent to Canadian education.

    Is it possible to secure a job as designer [even JUNIOR] to begin with when I land in Canada-without really undergoing education? If not, any short term courses [upto a year] that would allow me to launch into this field soon? I really do not want to spend time and money on a degree course-as it would be minimum 4 years.

    Perhaps in the future once I gain some money I can think on those lines.
  2. Hi i would also like to know the answer to your question, even i have done a bachelor in commerce and went on to do interior design. Hope we get some answers!!
  3. Oh thats great. And where r u from?? UAE / Oman. I guess your flag represents one of those countries.
  4. from UAE yes..Where are you based out of? Have you started the process ?
  5. That's great! I am from India-bit raised and lived mostly in Dubai and Muscat. Beautiful cities :)

    I have got my ITA-Have to upload my docs now.
    What stage are you at?
  6. ohh thats great!!!congrats..did you get through in this draw??what was your crs? I am waiting for my ECA taking way too long, had send the documents first week of feb.
  7. I got in through the last draw. Had a CRS of 438. I believe ECA should come in around month's time-yes it does seem to be taking a while. Wishing you the best! Hope you get it soon. Whts ur CRS?
  8. Hey thanks..just got my ECA, now have to enter the pool, i think ECA 466
  9. Good look ..wt that score you might just get in soon..fingers crossed!
  10. Hmm i miss calculated.. i think i am getting only 457 points, anyways lets see...how far have you gotten after the ITA...have you submitted your documents? by the way did you figure how the job scenario is like for interior designers in Canada?
  11. The CRS points have really gone down. I think the last went up but it still ended at 441. So you do stand a good chance. I have all my documents ready to upload. I have however engaged a consultant so they are doing a few checks on their path to ensure its all good.

    Can you private message me-and maybe exchange numbers there to talk more about the career field. I have a few inputs from people and colleagues out there-but its too long to type it out here
  12. It's really great dear..
  13. Did you guys get any answers? My wife is also an Interior Designer from Lebanon looking for opportunities...
  14. Hello. Any updates? Would you all like to join an Interior Designer whatsapp group and connect there? If so please message me with your whatsapp number. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone,

    need a bit of help regarding filling for immigration, have done my WES, IELTS is still in pending. have you guys completed yours application successfully?

    thanks in advance.


    Waqar Ali

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