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Opening up an Hello Canada-ICICI account from India.

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by viviliaZ, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    I am planning to open up an Hello Canada ICICI account as I find it provides the easiest remittance options from India. However, I wanted to touch base with someone who has already opened and hello Canada account from India and landed in Canada, to get their experience.

    Was there any bad experiences, or hiccups which opening up the account or while accessing the funds from Canada once you reached there?

  2. Hi,

    I would recommend getting a bank account from any of the big 5 banks (personally - I have a couple with TD) in Canada and then if you wish remit your money using ICICI's Money2World service. The wire transfer can be done sitting at home if you have a running ICICI account (don't know the exact procedure for non ICICI accounts but AFAIK it's not much difficult once you have fulfilled the KYC norms required by ICICI).

    I've used money2world service and it takes a few hours for the amount tk show up in your Canadian bank account.

    So as far as ease of remittance goes - there's my two cents.

    If you have other reasons of sticking with ICICI Hello Canada program - feel free to judge what's best for you.

    Also I don't know what's ICICI's presence like in Canada - branch or ATM wise (maybe they have tie ups with other banks).

    I know it's tempting to setup an account before landing - I too was in the same boat. But I would encourage to check out offers by Canadian banks before making the final decision.

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  3. Thanks!
    Yes just went with them cos they offer a way to transition your funds into canada. I may or may not hold onto it post landing. I prefer to keep in TD or any other of the Big 5 as mentioned. :)

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