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opened GIC program investment account with Nova Scotia bank and facing problem..please guide us

Seema Arora

Jul 13, 2018
Hi Sir,

I am a student from India, who opened GIC program investment account with Nova Scotia bank, Canada. I wired my GIC amount here from India to my investment account on 20th of June, but i got negative response from bank, that it has been refused. I have not even received the reasons of the refusal.

I would request you if you could please share the reason and do tell me if the amount is wired back to my financial institution/ my account?

Below is the information that would be required:

Account number: 000000071497289
Name: Seema Arora
Passport Number: R7423077
Address: Ward No 8, Mallan wala khas, Ferozepur, Punjab, India, 152021.

If you require any other information do let me know.
Will look forward for the Reply. Please reply soon as it's already been 20 days. I have to apply for the File and few days are left.

Thanks and Regards,

Seema Arora
Jul 9, 2018
Hi Seema,
This forum is not a part of Scotiabank
So no one here can tell you the reason except by calling the Scotiabank GIC Customer Care at 0008001008747.

They will guide you with the same.

My gic wire was also rejected due to an address mismatch.

And remove the sensitive informations such as your account number and address from your above post