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Open Work Permit, what do I select??

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by sounion, Oct 22, 2012.


    So I'm filling out the IMM 5710, Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada as a Worker, and I was wondering what do I select for question 3.

    "I am applying for one or more of the following:"
    - A work permit with the same employer
    - A work permit with a new employer
    - Restoration of temporary resident status as worker
    - Initial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit.

    Now I am going for an OWP, so changing my status from my current temporary visitor to OWP. Would I select 'Restoration of temporary resident status as worker'?

    Additionally, there was a bunch of questions I had to put N/A because I don't have a prospective employer as it is an OWP. Is it okay to day that?

  2. bump in hopes someone knows how to help

  3. Hi did u find answer to ur question ?? if yes plz reply i too have same questions ...
  4. Yes I did. I chose the "Initial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit" and then attached an additional page to that part of the application explaining that I was applying for Permanent Residency.

    So if you're facing the same confusion, pick the one you think is right, then just explain yourself in an attached note. CIC sees applications all the time and has gotten good at figuring out what peoples intentions are. I repeated this process for any part of my application that may have seemed unclear to me.

    Hope that helps!

  5. i have also a problem. i want to extend my stay in canada so i filled the IMM5710 for an open work permit. Do i need this CAQ and AMT Numbers to get a open work permit??
    and i already work in Quebec and dont have any numbers. just a open work permit until end of june.
    the other problem is, that is have to write a date in the IMM from which date my work starts
    and when the work is ending. But i have a full time work place with no ending. i am confused. Can someone help? Because i really wanna work after end of june. The other option is only a visitor visa, right???
    Thank you in advance for all your help!!
    and when i apply online. do i have to sign the forms and scan them to my computer?
  6. sounion may we know - did you submit that WITH your application for PR or after the fact? If so, after Stage 1 approval perhaps? And what was the fee for that specifically?
  7. Your situation is a bit beyond my knowledge to be honest. I'm not sure how you would extend an OWP but perhaps you can call CIC to get advice? Perhaps you could also file the IMM again but with the explanation attached as a note. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    I submitted the OWP WITH the PR application so that once they approve my sponsor and I get an AIP, they can automatically process my OWP without asking for any information or files. If I remember correctly the fee for the OWP was $150.
  8. @ sounion yeah its a bit difficult. But i think you are right, i guess i have to speak with the callcenter. i hope they can help me.
    thank you so much :)
  9. Awesome, thanks! Clears up that question (finally) for me.

  10. No problem truesmile. May I ask, under your name it says you landed on 02-02-2013. Are you expecting your PR status that day? If so, I'm not sure you need to renew an OWP.
  11. HI, Sounion

    I am in the conditions as you are, but you probably already get the OWP. Could you help me on filling the "DETAILS OF INTENDED WORK IN CANADA" of the form IMM 5710. I haven't get any employer yet , so i am confused how to fill this part. Like intended of work date (from;to) .Everyone say just leave it blank if it doesn't apply to us, but when i leave it blank, i could not validate the form to get the barcode. Can you help me??

    Your answer will enlighten my day.

    Thanks a bunch.
    Pritha K.
  12. Hey,

    Yeah, I wrote N/A in those parts so that I could get the barcode. But yeah, it's a general form so putting N/A is fine. Still no OWP here though, CIC is hung up on October 8th applications, I was in November. D:
  13. Hi all here,

    I actually received the notification to submit my COC and in the letter, they also indicate that I can now apply for OWP. So my question now is:

    1) I don't have a job offer now, can I start to apply and then look around for a job?
    2) Which form should I fill up? It's so confusing with the amount of forms and no so clear instructions in the cic website! I really need help!

  14. 1) You can apply and look around for jobs, but it will be a little challenging to get people ot hir you without the work permit issued yet. that has been my experience at least.

    2) can you provide more clarification as to the forms for what? the OWP or PR?

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