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Open Work Permit + Employment Location

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Manu2207, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    1. Am in Edmonton on ICT Visa
    2. My spouse landed in Edmonton on Dependent Open Work Permit
    3. However, there is a mention of Employment Location as - Edmonton - in dependent Open work permit
    4. There are NO Condition pertaining to work location under - Conditions category - of the work permit
    4. Now, my spouse secured a full time, legal offer from a firm in Calgary
    5. Employer had collected work permit and all allied details prior issue of such offer letter

    Now -
    1. Can my spouse therefore work in Calgary ?
    2. Both cities are in Alberta
    3. Do we need to make any amendment ?

    Kindly advice.

  2. Hi there did you find out about the employment location mentioned on work permit ?
  3. Hello Friends, Am new and need directions to help me in Canada. Is there any catholic person around
  4. Hello,

    Could your wife work on this work permit or did she had to make changes.. I have the same issue and wanted to know how to make the changes.

    Shashi Pandey
  5. Got the visa amended.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply..
    I checked in cic and found that i have to fill form IMM1436E and send my original open work permit to Ottawa.. Did you also follow this same procedure? And how long will it take to get it corrected.
    Somehow I am not able to connect with cic helpline center.

    Shashi Pandey
  7. Dont recollect process - sorry.

    2-3 months i guess, is the time reqd.
  8. Hi,
    My spouse had the same issue . In the open work permit , it was mentioned ottawa as employment location. We have filled IMM1436E and sent our original work permit. However ,we got work permit back without any change as they asked for ID's. Do you have any idea about this?? What ID's you have sent???

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