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Ontario PNP (OINP) 2018 Discussion

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by achayanz, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Dear All,

    OINP is a great opportunity for many candidates who have lower CRS Score. The year 2017 was great for canadian immigration and we are expecting to continue this trend in future. Our seniors have a great thread on OINP 2017 and majority of them received the Nomination, I think a separate thread is more convenient.

    You can refer old threads here :

    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2017: Join here by andy108
    2. OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide by rajkamalmohanram

    You can join OINP 2018 WhatsApp group by the following link or PM me your number

    => https://chat.whatsapp.com/3PlaGUvUw2XIubIatmBjzr

    Hope this Thread will be a great help for achieve our Dream Canada in 2018. Join this discussion, share your thoughts, update with latest News, help each other and make our dream come true together. BEST OF LUCK
  2. Hello guys, Any scope of getting NOI at 411 CRS in 2018?
  3. Anyone knows if Ontario will continue to make exception for CRS less than 400 with ICT occupations in 2018?
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  4. Due to the high demand we can expect OINP will continue the same trend this year
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  5. Does any one know , when will the next ONIP slot wills be opened ..?
  6. we can expect it at end of February
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  7. When they announce a new round of provincial nomination early next year, do I have to withdraw my current EE profile which was submitted on Dec 1, 2017 and resubmit a new EE profile?
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  8. Yes. Our seniors suggest to recreate a new profile before next round starts.
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  9. Didn't understand this point. So if I submit my EE profile this month, when do i need to re-submit a new profile and why?
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  10. But is it applicable for ICT professionals only? What about professionals from other streams with less CRS score.

    My NOC code is 0731 (Transportation,Logistics Managers). CRS is 350. Any chance for OINP under Human capital priorities stream?
  11. yes it is looks nonsense. But usually this is happened in the past rounds. They usually invite candidates who are submitted their profile with in a certain period of time. And regarding your NOC we have no idea which have high demand and less.
  12. I only know they made an exception for below NOCs only in the June/July of this year.
    • NOC 0131: Telecommunication Carriers Managers
    • NOC 0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers
    • NOC 2133: Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • NOC 2147: Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)
    • NOC 2171: Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
    • NOC 2172: Database Analysts and Data Administrators
    • NOC 2173: Software Engineers and Designers
    • NOC 2174: Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
    • NOC 2175: Web Designers and Developers
    • NOC 2241: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians
    • NOC 2281: Computer Network Technicians
    • NOC 2282: User Support Technicians
    • NOC 2283: Systems Testing Technicians
    • NOC 5224: Broadcast Technicians
    • NOC 5241: Graphic Designers and Illustrators
    They may change the list of NOC, depending on their labour market, I guess. We can only wait for Ontario official announcement.
  13. Guys, If so, How do we know when Ontario starts giving NOI and do they notify somewhere ? to make sure we create a profile exact at the same time ?
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