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Ontario health insurance 3 months waiting period - coverage?


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Feb 11, 2017
Dear all,

I will be relocating to Toronto next week on a work permit (employer sponsored).
Although my health/medical etc is insured by my employers, but there is a clause which reads - "effective from 3 months of continuous stay"
I read about this and I understand that I will not be covered by the health insurance providers for my initial 3 months of stay.
Did anybody else go through a similar situation? Any advise would help!
Should I buy a private insurance to cover my self for the first 3 months? Should i buy an insurance from Toronto or from India?


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Nov 3, 2015
you can get insurance in Canada its called "provincial replacement coverage" , in my case my employer provided it to me free of cost, to get it individually its quite a costly .... you can obtain quotes online.... I think buying insurance in Canada is always better as you can go for Cashless treatment , insurance from India probably you need to pay and then claim.