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Ontario French. I Need some Help

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by prettyfille9900, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Hello guys, I have recreated my profile aiming to get an invitation from Ontario several times now but still not luck. could you please specify the way in which my profile should be created? I already tried putting French as my first language. I have 7 in French and 7 in English. Someone who has received nomination via this stream please help me out here. Your contribution will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. What is your NOC?
  3. 4032. But The french stream does not have a list of occupation.
  4. Yes, but Ontario does
  5. I dont know when you created your profile, but normally you should get an NOI tomorrow
  6. Btw, have you selected Ontario (or All provinces) as your province of interest?
  7. Can you send me the link please.
  8. What I mean is, they should have their priorities. Dont know any link to support that, but you should be fine with 4032
  9. Yes, but I also clicked on British Columbia as well. Should I only click on all provices and territories?
  10. Better safe than sound... It will not hurt anyone if you select ALL
  11. Okay, yea that's what I thought cuz I received NOI last year but I did not have the proof of funds. So now I'm ready but no NOI yet
  12. Good luck tomorrow. I am confident you will get the lucky email
  13. Thanks:)
  14. I did not get it:( Dont know what I m doing wrong
  15. Maybe there was no draw today. That's what I read on another thread

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