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ONIP - Can someone clarify my doubts mention below

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Piyush5767, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. In IRCC and while submitting a document in ONIP do I also have to upload my 10(matric 10th) and 10+2(Higher Secondary School Certificate) certificates as well because I haven't included that in my IRCC profile so do I have to upload that too in ONIP and do I also have to mention that in my IRCC?

    Also in ONIP what do I have select for the option: Were you issued a valid work permit for this job in Ontario?
    I have Post Graduate Work Permit, and I have received the work permit in Ontario so do I have to select yes or no?

    I do not have an exact date of starting and ending of my college degree from India, I have WES report so do I need to include the exact dates or I can enter any date of the month as I know the month but not sure about the date.

    Last, In ONIP I have not included my Indian experience of 2 years because I am not claiming points for that, this is a reason I have not included this experience in my IRCC profile, I have included only my Canadian experience whereas I have mentioned it in LOE(Letter of Explanation) so that is sufficient?

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