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OINP January 12, 2022 Draw - Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream



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Apr 6, 2022
Someone in the other group got her status changed from "submitted" to "assessment" after 113 days (AOR - 22.02.2022; Assessment - 15.06.2022), but it changed to DIP (21.06.2022) in less than a week. To me it looks like they are in process of finalizing February files at the moment and ours will take some more time.


Moreover, there's no point shooting an email because it's clearly mentioned on their website "If your application is taking longer than the estimated processing time, there is no need to contact the program. We will contact you if more information is required".
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Dec 29, 2021
Wow. 100+ days is the highest I’ve heard. I have just sent them an email. Is there anyone that can call? Please let’s know what their feedback is. The delay and lack of communication is unfair.
I called them 2 days ago, but the IVR suggests we send an email instead. So I did.