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OINP - employer job offer international student stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Vicky_ravi, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. hi guys,
    I’ve applied Oinp under employer job offer category on han 24, my employer got the mail that my application is incomplete . I already provided the hob offer and employment letter. But I didn’t sign in it. The mail which my employer got says, “ you did not provide the job offer signed by the applicants and the employer “. What should i do now? Should i just print it and sign it ? Or is there any alternate way to do? Kindly reply thanks in advance
  2. Hi Vicky,
    I got the same issue, what did you do?
  3. I haven’t reply anything yet. So confused what to do
  4. What I did was sign my letter because I didn't sign before (same letter) and also attached my contract. I sent it yesterday but no response yet. I let you know if it works.
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  5. So, 2 days after I sent the docs, they change my status to Assessment, but I didn't receive any email I just noticed it because looked into my profile. What about you? any news?
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  6. Yea the letter was supposed to be signed by you and your employer.
  7. Hi Jeff.

    Do you If you have to do the English Test after getting your nominee in order to apply for P.R? (Internatinal Student)
  8. Hi Igor,
    There is no English test if your NOC is A or B.
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  9. Thanks jef. It is confusing the information about this test. Did you already apply for P.R? After getting the nominee, do you remember how long it took to get the answer? Thanks a lot for answering me

  10. Hey Igor, the whole process takes around 18 months. I did apply for my PR, I am waiting for the AOR now, hopefully by the end of this month ill get it.
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  11. Hi,
    Does the employer require LMIA to give job offer?
  12. Hi guys,

    I've applied for OINP under employer job offer category on June 14th.

    However, my current work permit expires on Dec 16th. Can I apply for work permit extension once I get nominated ?
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  14. Thank you. I will be completing one year at my firm in Feb. If I consider this 1 year Canadian experience I will have enough points for express entry (without considering PNP as this isn't one of the express entry streams).In that case, can I apply for my PR via express entry or is it mandatory to apply via paper application if a person has received PNP for employer job offer stream?
  15. You can apply via Express Entry and it's faster than OINP. But your CRS score should be atleast 440 as it unlikely that the cutoff will go down below 440.
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